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hard cap 66,500 ETH

Soft cap 16,625 ETH

50% of private sales are already sold

Soft cap
16,625 ETH
50% of private sale

white paper

How does it all work? Download our White Paper and the FIREconomics to get a detailed look at the platform, and technical specifications to find out why Powershare is the future of fundraising.

  • Whitepaper
  • FIREconomics

Key Features


Costless Fundraising

With Powershare backers don’t have to pay a penny from their pocket to finance ideas and causes they like. By keeping a browser tab open, they donate unused CPU resource to mine for Fire. No hidden fees or fine print - we say what we mean.


Mutually Beneficial Crowdfunding

Backers earn money by donating! As the cause reaches the goal, Fire generated during the process is split equally between the project and the backers - to each and every miner according to their efforts.


Quick and Simple

Anyone, anywhere with internet access and a computer or a smartphone can back ideas or causes! Backers fire up a favorite project with a couple of clicks without complex registration forms, personal banking details or deep understanding of how blockchain technology works.


Cryptonote Currency

We’re building Fire as a fast, secure, private cryptocurrency which is only mineable through desktops, laptops and smartphones. Speed and flexibility of the Cryptonote protocol, allows us to minimize transaction fees, and make Fire as globally accessible as it gets.


Eliminating Inequality

Fire is for everyone! We’re putting in place democratic hash power limit per backer and mining pools are run by masternodes that ensure equality amongst miners, which guarantees equal chances of financing for every project.


Community Coin

In addition to integrating groundbreaking Cryptonote features and truly egalitarian proof of work protocol, Fire is only generated through Fundmining on the Powershare platform and its value is solely derived from our community - ordinary people, who believe that sharing power can change the world for the better.




  • Idea presentation
  • Prototype launch
  • Data collection and analysis


  • Whitepaper Development
  • Team Expansion
  • Seed capital acquisition (100 k)
  • Rebranding
  • JSC Powershare Foundation registration
  • IT Virtual Zone status acquisition
(Certified by Ministry of Finance of Georgia. This certificate means that JSC PowerShare Foundation is free from VAT and Profit Taxes outside of Georgia as well as export tax. See the certificate)


  • Team expansion round 2
  • Token sale phase 1
  • Preparation for token sale phase 2
  • Strategic partnerships round 1
  • Research & Development
Alpha launch


  • Token sale phase 2
  • Token sale phase 3
  • Research & Development
  • Platform launch - Alpha version
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  • Wallets + CN coin distribution
  • Legal technical audit
  • Launch of Test net
  • Test net research and analysis
Decentralized network


  • Research and development
  • Introduction of mutual benefit
  • Masternode configuration
  • Completion of mining pool decentralization
Champagne bottle


  • Platform launch - Final version
  • Further research & development
  • Strategic partnerships round 2
  • Champagne for everyone
Smartphone featuring fire


  • Adding smartphone mining services

Establish browser-based crowdfunding as basic technology for crowdfunding

Earth on fire

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Meet the Firestarters

  • Photo of Beka Dalakishvili
    Chairman, Co-founder

    Beka Dalakishvili

    Blockchain Visionary
  • Photo of David Svimonishvili
    CEO, Co-founder

    David Svimonishvili

    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Photo of Ana Mikatadze

    Ana Mikatadze

    Pioneer in Blockchain Education in Georgia
  • Photo of Gega Abashidze
    Legal Counsel

    Gega Abashidze

    Consulting local and international blockchain projects
  • Photo of Sophio Chkhenkeli
    Art Director

    Sophio Chkhenkeli

    Artistic mind and vision
  • Photo of Giorgi Iremadze
    Head of Business Development

    Giorgi Iremadze

    Blockchain Evangelist
  • Photo of Shota Chinchaladze
    Chief Brand Officer

    Shota Chinchaladze

    Branding Consultant and Strategic Visionary at LIVE
  • Photo of Alex Chikovani
    Chief Branding Consultant

    Alex Chikovani

    Founder of LIVE Strategic Branding Agency
  • Photo of Giorgi Avaliani
    Branding and Creative Direction

    Giorgi Avaliani

    Folk Hero, Jury at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
  • Photo of Nick Kumbari

    Nick Kumbari

    Award Winning Art Director and Visual Explorer, Jury at Awwwards
  • Photo of Giorgi Chinchaladze
    Lead Front End Engineer

    Giorgi Chinchaladze

    Webby and Awwwards winning front-end developer
  • Photo of Misha Tsankashvili
    Front End Developer

    Misha Tsankashvili

    Abstract rainbow animations & back end master

about us


Fuel for ideas

Our unequal world desperately needs changes, but the power to change is limited by resources, reserved for the privileged few. We are here to level the playing field. We believe that small, personal, local changes lead to bigger shifts in the society. That’s why we want to make sure every voice has a chance to be heard, every idea has enough fuel to get off the ground.


Fundmining = Crowdfunding meets crypto

To remove any barriers to the spirit of giving, we created a platform where ordinary people can raise money without actually paying money. Powershare is where crowdfunding meets mining for cryptocurrencies - simply by keeping a browser tab open, anyone can convert unused CPU power into Fire, our cryptocurrency to fund important ideas and causes.


Democratic Fundraising

While the algorithm runs to power up the chosen cause, the generated Fire is split between the project and the backers. Every supporter gets a fair share of the profit, according to the power they donated. For the first time in history, you get paid for giving!